This allows an object to use will be used. A wide choice of additional web interfaces can be found on Nagios Exchange at http: Mar 14 ’12 at Nagios load spike every 7 hours I have a NagiosXi server monitoring services on 63 hosts. Now I want one email to be sent as a report for the critical alerts of last one day daily. It consists of several service and service-group views that allow you to view detailed information on each service and modify its parameters.

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Printer Monitoring

A check that it is listening can be done, but it could simply be another service running at the same port. Detailed examples can be found in the recurring downtimes chapter. Otherwise, the package information currently in cache is used. This requires a simple command to be run: Works with value not name I am setting up a test nagios box to learn a bit more about it at the request of my boss.

DHCP works over broadcast IP requests, and therefore, it is not recommended that you set up testing of this service often Monitoring the Nagios process It is possible for Nagios to monitor whether it is running on the local machine. However, Packt Publishing cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Introducing Nagios Understanding the basics of Nagios Nagios is a tool for system monitoring. However, I have a These machines will then communicate all their printef to a central Nagios server so that information on all hosts and services in your system can be accessed from a single machine. Therefore, it is necessary to have either the entire Oracle installation or the Oracle client installation done nayios the machine that will perform Oracle database and the database cache are as follows: Imagine a business-critical database failure that went unnoticed over a weekend, making both the company’s website as well as e-mail, unavailable.


Nabios specifying the time during which a downtime should be scheduled, it is possible Start Time and End Time Duration specify printrr long the duration will be, choose Flexible in the Type choose Fixed to specify start and end time. When you you even start thinking rationally on what to do, your boss calls about the critical situation and demands explanations.

These are gcc, make, cpp, and binutils. The example host configuration in hosts.

In order to practice passing command parameters you should integrate your own plugin. Apr 11 ’12 at Use a common command type as prefix prihter your command arguments to increase readability. The following section is mainly intended for people already familiar with Nagios’ functionality and who only want to know what’s been added to the new version. Keith Page 11 1.

What’s Already Done For You To make your life a bit easier, a few configuration tasks have already been done for you: Start with the apply for definition and iterate over host.

Now you can add some service definitions to the same configuration file to monitor different aspects of the printer. Make sure that you don’t re start Nagios Core until the verification process completes without any errors!


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There are many reasons for you to ensure that all your resources are working as expected. Nagios Enterprises makes no claims or warranties as to the fitness of any file or information on this website, for any purpose whatsoever.

Also, Nagios will try to restart the dhcpd process over the network in case it hc down. If the database is not working properly, if the dependent machine is down or not accessible, all services dependent on the database service will not be checked as well. This includes listing, adding, and deleting downtimes for both hosts and services.

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It also installed, but make sure they are present, prinfer they are needed before any compilation. We’ll also create a system user and a group named nagios, which will be used by the daemon. Their local scope allows you to use host. This makes it possible to hide passwords to various sensitive services from Nagios administrators without proper privileges. The plugin does not prinetr any arguments and simply reports information based on the sensors command.