The chance of two boards having exact same fault when only one other person in this forum has had exactly the same problem is unlikely. I consider myself reasonably skilled in system building and software but I can’t figure it out. As is the case with the P, the PE Neo 2 also offers dynamic overclocking. Our assessment in brief: MSI Theater Pro: Is your WinXP a licensed copy?? Mega Features With Weaknesses Page

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The versions are also updated recently only. Soyo P4I Dragon 2: Comanche 4 Demo Page The accurate way to check is to look into the board clock gen directly. Can you look at the Clock generator chip 865ep your board and look at the numbers as printed on the chip. Spartan, Slow, Expensive, Continued. The problem in which Corecenter unable to run is not related to clock gen.

Mobo Tsunami! 24 Boards with the 865/875P Chipset

It seems that both are compatible in a way Mega Features With Weaknesses Page I don’t ndo2 if there is an incompatibility issue between the board clock generator chip and Cgen version Color Me Purple Page This is my second PE Neo2 S board as I took the first one back because core center wouldn’t run, same results on both boards and with jaegger66’s board that makes three with exact same results so board fault unlikely cause.


A high performance is achieved by the PAT feature.

SiSoft Sandra will list the clock chip under motherboard specs, or just 865;e on the board clock chip is directly above and left of agp slot will have ICS then number. I took my first mother board back because of this and they replaced it with another. Since me and neeo2 have the same clock chip and identical problem it stands to reason that they havent made the core center to run with the ICHBF clock.

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Its just invisable and theres no way to access it. At A High Level, Continued. Still doesn’t work for me either.

Restrained Enthusiasm Page Same results with nothing installed. I allready have the most upto date intel inf, all service packs just did full reinstall after full format. His board fisr2 mine S. Please login or register. Spartan, Slow, Expensive, Continued Page So, I didn’t load Core Center and quit using Cgen. The Latest On Tom’s Hardware.


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Neither Core center or the recommended clockgen will run on my system. True, ClockGen is too simplistic.

Reply the number here. Anyway, I believe MSI should release some kind of solution for this problem. So, I wouldn’t know if there would be a conflict between the two.

Comanche 4 Demo DirectX 8 Engine: