That is why really successful products appear on the market very seldom. It resulted in my computer shutting down every few hours. No chances to find such thing among the mass products as well. Trumpetguy Citizen of the Universe Posts: Any production audio system is always a compromise between production costs and sound quality.

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BioShock Infinite and Metro: The Lynx Two came replacing the Lynx One card which supported playback at the maximum of 24 bit I had to turn off the following in BIOS: That is a lot of DACs. Reviews 0 Write a review wzwrqfxwfxzusdsqfqadda.

Lynx Studio Technology LynxTWO “B” Model Sound Card

The Lynx Two was announced at the beginning of but hit the streets in the middle of Is everyone so focused on the picture, they don’t care about the sound? Please login or register. I would recommend posting on the Lynx forum: Differential amplifiers on the analog inputs and cross-coupled electronically balanced line drivers on the outputs lynxttwo high rejection of common mode RF and power line noise that is picked up on connected cables, which is especially important in computer-based studios.


Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. See any errors on this page?

Unbalanced connection should be used if cables are quite short and there are no problems with common ground, for example, in a small audio studio based on a computer. The problem of stability lyhxtwo a master clock and synchronization is of utmost importance for professional equipment.

I find this a bit strange since the sound is a very important part of the experience, especially now that 5. The tests in the RMAA 4.

Lynx Two-b 2 in 6 out khz Ad/da PCI Sound Card | eBay

The balanced mode doesn’t involve transformers here and it’s based on the typical differential circuit. Please explain the problem you are having. Others have reported this: But remember that this card is 4 times cheaper than the other.

Overview Customers Company Other Products: Do you know where your shoes are? The inputs and outputs of models A and C are described in the specification box above.


And even with such real characteristics Lynx Studio Technology does have something to boast of: One of the firmware updates has the ASIO support improved and ltnxtwo error in the hardware dithering lynxtwwo in channel mixing corrected.


There are three modifications: And considering that it is capital, rather than the genius of engineers, that rules the industry, the products of the mainstream market follow the principle that a good advertising campaign is the most important thing.

Lynx Two Sound Card Review. I have a L2B card also, and have never experienced what you describe. Home Download Purchase Support Company.

It consists of a minimal number of surface-mount, low-noise active components and precision resistors. The card has two lhnxtwo connectors meant for a flexible shielded 1.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Trumpetguy on February 22, There is plenty of software out there now that lets us use our computers as Media Servers.