So I do need B1, not anything higher, because I have the B1 revision of the chip, correct? That’s very kind of you. I came across this thread and thought wow, if I could just get that higher version, this SAS controller wouldn’t be useless to me anymore. Product Pricing Community Blog. Those firmware’s are not for the xw workstation. Maybe a cross flash with one of those firmwares can help as an intermediate step on the way to the LSI P21? Once the controller is on LSI you can flash the most recent firmware.

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I think that’s a c1.

The LSI e is a very popular chip so it should be easy to search for similar issues. I was using the IR firmwares and was aware of that from reading the thread and the documents that came with the zip’s. Have you searched the HP sources for a newer firmware? Posted March 3 edited. Have you seen this? Have created the usb boot with rufus using fat32 as freedos – system card is plugged into is a 32bit windows Therefore to connect fourteen drives a user typically needs a sixteen port or greater RAID card because hardware RAID arrays generally cannot span different controllers.


What do you mean have I elder HP firmwares?

LSI SAS e-r 3gb/s 8 Port Sata/sas e Host Adapter Controller Card | eBay

Maybe the card is really broken. Are you planning to use this controller in unRAID?

I have some SAS drives, but they’re only 6Gbps. It sucks too, because I believe the sae. Share this post Link to post. Not sure how to proceed to get my original firmware back or if bricked my HBA permanently. Maybe a cross flash with one of those firmwares can help as an intermediate step on the way to the LSI P21?

Product Pricing Community Blog. I also found that info. One of the firmware’s took some wheres along the line! Did that possibly alter the cards name?

Oftentimes they cut the feature list of the. Posted March 10 edited.

LSI SAS 3081e-r 3gb/s 8 Port Sata/sas 1068e Host Adapter Controller Card

Is that a standalone card controllrr onboard chip? These operating systems have the ability to use raw disks and manage data redundancy without the use of RAID controllers. Everything seems to be for the E. Inclusion in the lightweight FreeNAS installation was a major bonus and really highlights the fact that this will be a controller that is supported for years to come. Where sad you get the HP firmware from? After being what I thought was successfulI deleted the original firmware from my PC, which was just dumb I guess.


Hi, thanks for the prompt reply! There is a LED on the card that is usually flashing lifesigndoes it work on your card? Any ideas what might be wrong? Thanks for any advice anyone has. I cannot flash an older HP firmware. The revision is right beneath the name – it is B1. Just to prove it’s working.

With traditional RAID controllers, a user is limited to including ports physically located on the storage controller.