Please sign in to comment. I will take you up on your offer. Prefer it to the cheap inkjets! I did try of these cartridges, but am having the same problem with each. One other thing, the lamps that we used to purchase are no longer available so we had to discontinue selling that kit. Used the video and the print quality went way up on all 3 printers, but the one that had been the dirtest still had a very slight fade. It appears that the egg-shaped grippers that lift the top page from the paper tray and feed it up into the slot below the toner cartridge do not “let go” when the rollers inside the machine start to grab the paper.

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Apple LaserWriter Select 360 – Dirty printouts

Hi Chris Could you check that link farrer. Or is this a lost cause due to the expense? It appears to be getting fainter with continued use.

BTW its connected to a pc running xp and yes I turned the config switch to 6 and set my dpi to It is supposed to automatically go out and display how many pages it has printed. WIN XP has a great driver.

Since the only thing I’ve ever seen cause that error in that model, I’m going to hazard a guess and say it might be the power supply module that supplies the AC for the lamp. I put the switch selector at 4 now, will see what’s going on. First of all, Selec using this printer on WindowsXP platform. If you want I can send it to you; just need your e-mail address. I never know if a printed page will be good; and what does print is so mixed up that I couldn’t arrange it myself that “well” in a graphics program!


Thank you in advance – Anonymous. Wife uses an older Mac with Appletalk. It would be a 3 wire connector. Box Kingwood, TX Phone: If you have access to a meter, you can check the lamp as well as the laserwrriter fuse.

Recently, as I went to print the printing light began to blink and the machine began to hum, everything stopped and the “out of paper” came on. Thank you – Tom.

From my understanding of reading these posts, there is no way to fix the fuser lamp myself because FYP does not carry that part anymore, is this correct? The manual indicates a repair is necessary. I didn’t have this problem with the same batch of cartridges six months earlier. Doesn’t matter that they are new 10 years expired in the box. But I have one rebuilt cartridge that makes a loud clicking noise when we use it.

If so — reply!! You can use both ports at the same time on the Select My problem is, is that I have fade on the right side of the page I thougt I was out of toner so I bought a new one.


Apple LaserWriter Select – Dirty printouts | FixYourOwnPrinter

Just do a save target as on Chris’ farrer. Theoretically, the printer shouldn’t work if the heat lamp isn’t coming on. Given the almost total unavailability of cartridges and parts for it, I’d say it’s a candidate for the recycling company. Here’s where I’m at today. When i turn on my Apple LaserWriterit warms up for quite some time, the the ‘paper out’ light starts to flash I’ve never seen a thermal fuse go on that model, so I doubt that would be the problem. And the request laserwrriter a place to get new rollers is a good one My Star laderwriter printer is based on the same engine.

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 Printer

You can actually tell the to stop printing the start up page from any operating system. Thanks, Gary – unknown. I really hate to do that, because I think there are only aboutpages on this drum.