CLTT setup mm hot and cold laminator , 3x Dopag resin dispensers , sandblasting setup, acid etcher. A At the end of a job, the laser does not shut off as it returns to the home position, scoring the material, B At end of job, head does not return to home position, C System does not always go into standby mode. Is there any exchange value in the current laser? I don’t know if this is a good strategy or not. Are you using usb or parallel port? In my case the resplacement of firmware on the laser and a new driver DV 3.

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Are you using usb or parallel port? If you hit start a second time, does it do the exact same random thing, or will it explore different random things?

Is it only one program which has the problems or is it any program? If the problem follows the file then look at the file for the problem.

I have had intermintant problems but I think are pinning them down to a driver issue. If it does not flash red while the machine is running, the laser is lsaerpro firing.

Laserpro Explorer II 30 watt laser upgrade? My Laser Pro rep has come by several times, to change out the firmware, and try other fixes, and says that the next step is to replace the main board. You should make sure all doors are fully closed lid and pass through. If you can, try the USB port. If not they will still give you the info.


GCC Laserpro Explorer 2 30 watt Gas Laser Recharge

On a side note we are now using a MORNtech laser engraver china version which simply runs using Coreldraw with a Macro sofware patch so this is all we know. Well heres an update, I finally got everything installed and functioning correctly.

LaserPro Explorer II problems Here is my story… My company is very small one man shop really … and we decided to get a laser for our prototyping, and to increase our product line into new areas.

Results 1 to lasefpro of 8. Since the problem was fixed with a newer version of firmware, tech support MUST have been aware of the problem in order laserprl it to have been fixed. Thanks for any information available, sorry for the lack of knowledge with this stuff.

GCC Laserpro Explorer 2 30 watt Gas Laser Recharge

Has anyone upgraded their laser before? Magnetic switches If any of the magnetic switches on the doors are not in contact, the laser will not fire. We have had it now for about 8 weeks now, and lazerpro been having a number of intermittent issues with it.

Sponsored Forums Private Forums Authors. My company is very small one man shop really … and we decided to get a laser for our prototyping, and to increase our product line into new areas. My rep came out and did that and also replaced a mirror under warranty. Follow us on All times are GMT If the new tube is water cooled you may be able to ,aserpro fans and keep it air cooled.


The time now is Keep an eye on the laser indicator. GCC Lasers run from a printer driver, which means you can send files from many different graphics programs, but Coreldraw is the most popular.

We are just trying to figure out what we need to get expllrer thing up and running. Chris, contact your rep and get all the facts directly.

Do Lawerpro purchase this upgrade directly from LaserPro? Thanks again for all the help! If your file is not proprietary, maybe you can send it to somebody with the same machine to test.

Have you tried the other port? I don’t know if this laserpfo a good strategy or not. I assume you have the Laserpro already?

Then they had me go to great links to to report the problem only to discover myself that the drivers were out of date with the lates on the laserprousa.