Chipsets i8xx for Pentium 3 and IV note: Would that PCI card work alright? The bank for VxD drivers in Win9x: In order for dos sound to work on a PCI sound card the motherboard needs to support nmi non maskable interrupt: To get less noise and more linear AFC, it’s recommended to switch the card to LineOut mode by jumpers. Likewise, feature requests and bug reports come at me.

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Interestingly enough, voices worked in Day of the Tentacle when I tried it, but for some labwaj the sound was a little distorted. Ymf pdf file download. Well I’m done buying PC anything for a while now. XP drivers are 5xxx.

Labway A301-G50 Windows XP Driver

It will open a console window and then popup a dialog box. Hmm does true dos make any different how speedy the machine is? The thing with the C-Media CMI is that the sound card does not use address range in any way, so certain games will have no sound whatsoever.

Windows XP has native DS1 driver 5.

Yamaha Model A301-g50 Internal Audio Video Card From Tower Computer

The exact registry key depends on llabway video driver. Given my mobo, would it be safe to run a P4 clocked at say, 3. Hardware opportunities of YMF chips: Now to Guntz, that page is just saying that some models of the motherboard use that C-Media chip as onboard sound.


I remember that dos games used no sound or sb I’ll ask the seller anyway, but still would like to know if the STACequipped ones are a301-g5 buying. G, H, I, etc. For OPL passthrough, there are two known programs that also work, both requiring porttalk.

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Depends entirely on the game. Here it is for a third time: The standard 2 MB bank contains instruments and special effects, and also 21 sets of percussions.

Labway LWHAG50 A G50 PCI Sound Card w Yamaha XG Chip – Driver

Hell even your keyboard and labwau uses an IRQ. Just thought I’d announce I’ve just finished getting OPL passthrough working with my fork of alexey’s opl3 synth driver thing.

There are instructions for running Giveio. It’s not the ISA. This is a little note to all those out there who are looking for a good MS-DOS gaming rig with sound cards that produce garbled notes off their YMF I ag50 aag50 pour thembothwho let the dogs portal video gamean empty boiling tube.


To sacrifice so much in terms of compatibility to get a P4 and then settle for the pathetic 1. Hey, that sounds not too bad. Do any of those use digitized sound? Instead place the speakers farther. With ag50 Mac driveer can see the files contained in ag50 archive and manually.

Unfortunately my motherboard isn’t old enough to have an ISA slot. Added install instruction to the first post. At the FM site there is the detailed install instructions that I followed; as well as further enhancements for using SB Live! Not when the same sound card produces the exact same results on different motherboards, it isn’t. This card is SoundBlaster Lzbway compatible, if I remember correctly.