Subscribe to our Newsletter. The end result was the KXR. My coworker just grabbed one of these boards on the Agora. Because of this, no good thermal protection is built into the motherboard, which is a bit of a disappointment considering that the board was released long after Tom’s Hardware Guide brought attention to the issue of thermal emergencies and the Athlon XP processor. I have a KX, and I’m currently running a tbred B at Link the site that said what you claim. In some cases, we could get three modules to work relatively well but overall you shouldn’t count on using more than two sticks of memory in the KX without sacrificing stability.

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With no more than two DIMMs installed in the test bed we did not encounter any stability issues with the board. I have a KX, and I’m currently running a tbred B at There are no , Athlon XPs, and the is the fsb chip, different socket. Shouldn’t be a problem to run an xp either, but since they’re all locked now, there wouldn’t be much overclocking to speak of, unless you nab some pc and just crank the fsb. For more information on this, you might want to check out our recent bait on ATA Kz7, abit kx lack of legacy ports will obviously be a problem for users still using legacy devices, abit kx secondly, the board abit kx far from cheap.


Sep 6, Posts: The board features six PCI slots and a single AGP 4X slot for expansion, which is necessary because the board is pretty bare from an integration level e.

Subscribe to our Newsletter. It may be based on the same chipset as the AT7, but it really is quite different in many ways. Sign abit kx7 now Username Password Remember Me. To be fair to ABIT, most motherboard manufacturers still have yet to implement this functionality; it won’t be until their KT boards ship before we see the ability to read directly from the processor’s thermal diode.

I was very happy with the results that I abit kx using only air-cooling and I am sure better results could be achieved with liquid cooling or a Peltier device. H Monster has one 3333 these boards, maybe he can tell me? ABIT has always been a favorite among the enthusiast crowd since their boards are often targeted solely at that market. I am not sure, but hopefully this was fixed with non-review abit kx7 motherboard revisions.

ABIT KX – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT Overview – CNET

Sat Jan 10, 3: Originally posted by onelesshope: If the latter, just have your brother get you something else. The board also ships with two extra USB 1. Fri Jan 09, Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. The end result was the KXR. Home Reviews News Abit kx7 Yorkshire it’s grim oop north Registered: When we initially reviewed the Abit AT7 Motherboard a few months ago, we were very impressed with its speed, features and overclockability.



I’m pretty sure that the KX KT, no? Do you want official support or practical support?

May 29, Posts: Abit is not known for sprucing up their boards with extras, but instead offering a rock-solid system with lots of power where it is needed. The board also ships with two extra USB 1.

VIA KT333 Motherboard Roundup – June 2002

ABIT has almost always been enthusiast-centric and only a couple of years ago decided to really pursue the OEM market at all. For example, rather than including firewire, 6-channel audio and 4-channel RAID, this time Abit has kept the legacy ports, scrapped the onboard audio and only included 2-channel RAID.

Fri Jan 09, 6: Link the site that said what you claim. Go fly a kite?

Jan 21, Posts: Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon Canada’s website.