This issue was sporadic dependant on the data in the uninit memory. This issue is happening because of the Cache Coherency issue with the surface states that we program in GhalD to achieve rotation. Smart 2D Display Technology. To minimize the switching problem the frame discontinuity threshold was changed to allow at most two frames to be dropped while Advanced DI is in use. The total width for the display was not normalized.

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Power state for LCD was not getting updated properly in Softbios, due to which display was blanking out.

Suspicious Activity Detected

The application provided a pixel shader declaring a cube texture while a 2D texture was being bound to the texture stage. PAVP allows for hardware protection of memory. Driver will now register itself for notification by giving a call back function. The fix makes sure that the declarations match. The Delete was happening in the base D3dContext and was trying to use member variables out of its scope.

IntelĀ® Graphics Media Accelerator- Release Notes

Add new scaling kernels in CTG to support scaling ratios below 0. This will cause RenderCb to fail if the application has also deleted the index buffer resource before the next draw call and hasn’t bound a new index buffer in its place. Originally Posted by Bingo13 I still had problems with that driver.


Green unicolor playback or tiled previous playback is displayed immediately after start playing. Backward compatibility needed with CEA extension revision 1. The backlight is changed to maximum backlight after Force a TDR. The misalignment could cause corruption to neighboring overlay surfaces resulting in screen flicker. Arranged the options in resource for Aspect Options to by symmetrically distanced. ADI capability flag is incorrect. I can have both players open at the same time, so it is fairly easy to compare the two. Fixed some code that was causing access violations: Try to read the first boot registry key, if it ihtel NOT successful then consider this as first bootJ.

Display Port Specific check-in update. Overnight run 3DMark06 encounters error message. Corruption is displayed while executing the MultiAnimation sample. LightWave 3D Light and Camera disappear, reappear when moved to screen edge. I will see if we can get these uploaded after further testing tonight. Fyi on my system and others with the same board the last intel intrl work good vista x System hangs and restart when intep hardware overly in panning mode.


This document contains information on products in the design phase of development. A lot of horizontal small noises appear when play WMV file. HW will do 64 byte fetches. Originally Posted by jimwhite Pdvd 7! The system shows a blank screen with CH when resoluton is changed. 15.9.01414 calculation for the compressed buffer is: Basically it means before changing profile one and after changing another. Do not finalize a design with this information. Scalling quality on Overlay is not good.

Root Cause The issue was happening because on a factory install, installer app was writing the factory keys to normal device0 location of driver.