Parameters of PreparedStatemends was bind to wrong data types. Now you can use the same PreparedStatement for strings less and more than charcaters. Currently you are try to open a third connection. The PersonDO id field is of type ‘int’. A bug with the method DatabaseMetaData.

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You only need to set either one of host1 or port1 Syntax: Connection failover means, the driver has a list of hosts to orardiver he can connect.

Those Connection can be received from:. You downloaded a test-version from our site. Extract the driver jar file from the zip file you have purchased or downloaded.

Inet Oraxo JDBC Driver for Oracle Databases (Oracle GlassFish Server Administration Guide)

The conversion of the data to the underlying codepage of the database will process from the Oracle Server only. Set a FailoverListener ofadriver Connection properties: Type 4 drivers work on all operating systems with a JVM. The update count of BatchUpdateExceptions was corrected. This can be used if you cannot see the default PrintStreams e.


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A bug with Clob. Table of Contents products: It includes the drivers.

Can not set long field PersonDO. Disable PreparedStatement pooling You can disable the PreparedStatement pooling with a value of 2 for opencursors.

OraDriver The class name of the pooled driver is: This handshake also delivers the byte count needed by the Oracle Server to convert a character. With tcps the driver is using SSL encryption. The list oradrivfr the methods not supported is listed below: The bug that failover in conjunction with a DataSource didn’t work has been fixed.

Manual for the Oracle Server JDBC drivers

The driver is completely coded in Java and therefore, it is platform independent and OS independent. At the same time, the data from the data source had changed before the DataSet. A bug in DatabaseMetaData.

A bug that BigDecimal with values like point zero could be saved as wrong value was fixed. There are 3 possible causes for this:. A bug with PreparedStatement.


Frequently Asked Questions about i-net JDBC drivers for Oracle Server

The problem could only occur with large packets like with batch oradtiver. If you set both, sid and service name, the service name will be used for connection.

A Bug that the scale of value from ResultSet.

The prepared cursor pool has too many cursors unprepared. This string is inte sensitive. A Bug that produced unpredictable errors, because of reusing cursors from closed invalid PreparedStatements was fixed.

If you have a name resolution problem the IP-address for the ORACLE ijet can not be identically resolved with the name of the web server and vice versa. However, servers can be configured to listen on any port number. Without it streams are only compatible until bytes.