Obtain Sun Solaris OS 8 and 9 data host software as follows:. Read the instructions and click Download Now. To install data host software on Solaris OSs, see the following sections:. Use the cfgadm command to configure HBA paths. This operation will require a reboot.

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Follow the instructions to uncompress rdxc install the ASL. Visible volumes after installing the RDAC driver. So I started adding another node to our existing Microsoft Cluster.

dW:Eserver:IBM System Storage:Storage Manager and RDAC – IBM System Storage Forum

After a short tinkering, I got it actually working. Select Downloads from the home page navigation bar. To install data host software on Solaris OSs, see the following sections:.

Well, IBM just replied to my feedback and apparently the download is available it is right now, after two weeks hah — finally.

The Storage Management page is displayed, showing a list of downloadable storage-related products. To enable the multipathing software on hosts running Solaris OS 8 or See the Release Notes for Sun Storage and Arrays for the latest supported operating system versions.

Go to the Sun Microsystems web page sun. You must install data host software including multipathing on each data host that communicates with the Sun Storage and Arrays. To install data host software for operating systems other than Solaris, see the following sections:.


Data host software controls the data path between the data host and the array. I already tried to notify IBM about the trouble, but as usual there is lack of ways to actually get this to the right person. Multipathing is included in the Solaris OS Follow the download information and files instructions to select and download the appropriate files.

Log in as superuser on the Sun server to be connected to the array. Sun HBAs can be ordered from:. The specific HBAs you need depend on the data host server platform, operating system, and data transfer rates used in your storage area network. This includes drivers and utilities that enable array management hosts to connect to, monitor, and transfer data in a storage area network SAN.

Note – Some management hosts can also be used as data hosts.

There is still one major annoyance left: How you configure paths depends on how you are using your arrays in a SAN or direct attach environment. The cluster is still behaving weird sometimes now the other boxen seem to have trouble bringing resources online, but only sometimes. Just a short explanation: So here my hint: SAN zoning for the box.


The required versions of HBA drivers must be installed on the data host before you can set up a data host. The procedure you use to enable multipathing software depends on the version of Solaris OS running on the host:. You may want to remove it from your boot loader config file.

Can HDLM co-exist with other multipath software?

Anyways, the next day my co-workers suggested, trying a newer Storage Manager version on the x, at the same level with the highest firmware version on the storages thus being the DS and v Only idea coming up looks like this: The first time I installed it, I forgot about the storage mappings, thus the box rac zero disks. Now, yesterday I finished the zoning, did the mappings on the storage arrays and then figured the box should see the hard disks. Select the data host platform that you want to install.

Read the software license agreement, click the checkbox, and click Continue.