Creating a Master VolumeYou can take snapshots of a snapshot-enabled volume a master volume. Contact information provides the support representatives who are reviewing the filea means to identify who saved the log. Some of these settings takeeffect immediately while others take effect after you restart the RAID controllers. Page Saving Log Information to a FileYou can save the following types of log information to a file: SMU also includes monitoring and diagnostic features that enhance the reliability,availability, and serviceability RAS of your storage system. The System Information panel is displayed. Reverting to Original DataThe snapshot service has two features for reverting data back to original data:

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Clearing Metadata From Leftover Disk DrivesThe storage system uses metadata to identify virtual disk members after restarting orreplacing enclosures.

Solved: Driver HP pG3 fc/iscsi scsi enclosure device – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

Click Dveice Off at the bottom of the menu. More than one host can use the same LUN to accessthe same volume. Built on Microsoft Windows Storage Server or R2, depending on model, you can provide users with a highly available solution so that their data is ready when they need it.

Assign names that indicate how the volumes areto be used. This informationenables you to monitor your disk drives or analyze why a disk drive failed. Free space in a virtual disk can be used to add an additionalvolume to that virtual disk or to expand a volume in thatvirtual disk. Right of cancellation enlcosure not apply to audio or video recordings or computer software if they have been unsealed.


OID numbering is hierarchical. When a PHY has been disabled manually, the event log shows a similar messagewith a different reason: For information about time-zone offsets, see http: Events are also recorded in an event log on thestorage system from which they can be viewed. Select a virtual disk.

The following table shows example hardware addresses and port IP addresses. Click the entry to modify. Page The snapshot service uses the single copy-on-write function to capture only datathat has changed.

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Contact information provides the support representatives who are reviewing the filea means to identify who saved the log. You can use a virtual disk deviec this state but resolve the problemas soon as possible.

The option remains enabled until you trust a virtual disk or restart the storagesystem. Page Viewing Disk Drive Types and Firmware VersionsTo view the firmware version revision and type of each disk drive in eachenclosure connected to the system, do either of the following: If the WWN and nickname are not in the list, the port is added.

However, instead of the Encl. If the drives are found, the systemautomatically removes the virtual disk from quarantine. Setting Snap Pool Policies and ThresholdsEach snap pool has three policy levels that notify you when drvice snap pool isreaching decreasing capacity.


The default addressis all zeroes. During normal operation, all software versions should be thesame on both controller modules.

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To change the host port interconnect setting: Source Volume Name — Name of the volume being copied. More detail is available on other Monitor pages. However, after the rollback is requested, the master volume is available for use as ifthe rollback has already completed.

To select event categories for notification: If there is more than one enclosure, select the enclosure for which you want to enterinformation. Click Change System Configuration. The name is case sensitive and can include 20 characters, but not comma, quotationmark “or backslash. A manual rescan may be needed after system power-up to display enclosuresin the proper order. Page 83 Managing Global SparesThis section describes how to designate available drives as spares for devicw by anyvirtual disk.