Write down the color of the wire and its corresponding pin number from the picture below. Click the option marked ‘Manage Connections’. For more examples on how to setup your breadboard see the Links section. You’ll have to follow these steps again to select the correct port. The most popular seems to be Prolific’s and that’s the one I use and the one that the tutorial is based on.

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Precautions Never work on a live circuit! Select the destination folder where you want to install PC Suite. The prolific ones do not work on my laptop Windows 7 bit. There is a possibility you could damage your computer, some other property, injure or even kill yourself! Ussb my cable pin 6 was white, pin 7 was blue, and pin 8 was black. That is, if the top section was overlaid on the bottom all the vias would line up. Compliments from me aswell on a very good article.

I didn’t have to install one, I think it comes bundled with the newer versions of PC Suite, atleast, while installing, one of the components was a Connectivity Cable Driver. You may need a cable driver for your cable. A dialog box will prollific asking you to select the serial port to use.


Ports – DKU-5 – DKU-5 Computer Driver Updates

It’ll finish installing and you’ll get the success screen. Both were physically moleded around the circuit board so I managed to break the wires. What may be the wrong? Your computer may udb, reset or even smoke. Plug in the USB connector. If you hold the button too long Arduino will eventually give up and report that the programmer is unavailable. There are slightly cheaper alternatives, but a real scrooge googles on.

My cable had ground txd and rxd cables only. That does look like a good deal if you live in the UK. When uploading your program, push the reset button right after it compiles it is hard to describe the timing, try different push delays if it doesn’t work and it should work. Blogroll Acemi Caylak Alpha.

DIY USB to Serial Cable For $3! | Jonathan Thomson’s web journal

Ub methods described here should work in general for cables using different chips. The device when attached to window7 it gets COM5 and recognized by windows…you can see the pictures in the following thread. If they are displayed, then you have correctly identified the TxD and RxD line. Studying a picture on your computer beats the hell out of using the magnifer on a Helping Hands.


I blogged and gave you credit here: Email required, but never shared. You should double check your work because the wires are very thin and the pins are small and close together. The 10k and 15k resistors on the Tx pin form a voltage divider to reduce the 5V output to 3.

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Prolific USB Data Cable Free Driver Download

Getting the timing right can be tricky because the bootloader only listens for a brief period of time. I did a quick probe to confirms this, then attempted to solder the green wire to the via.

Various components will be installed. Diy serial Cable with cheap phone cables Says:. Apply power to the breadboard. If you get it to work, write back and let us know!