By the way, my instructore has the same exact code and it’s working fine. No suitable driver found for jdbc: I thought I already set it up properly: Pascal Thivent k Possible duplicate of The infamous java.

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Mohamed Bawaneen 29 1. No suitable driver found for jdbc: It’s rather outside of the scope of this particular mailing list, but very basically what that does is load that class, allowing it to be registered with the DriverManager, which is where you grab your connection from with the connection string jdbc: Bruno Eberhard 1, 12 Reading derby manual, I found I need to use ClientDriver, to avoid the “maybe someone is already connected to the db” in this case, the login-server message.

ClientDriver inside the derbyclient.

We are waiting for you on our new forums! I had the same problem when I was writing Java application on Netbeans.

Derby Connection Issues

Page 1 of 1. Do I have to run the derby server before running anything else?

Maybe you already said, but what kind of server are you using? Database ‘test’ not found. You can also get the same error if the Java DB server has not been started.


Firstly, can you find a ‘derby.

So it should be org. Wed Apr 20, 2: I didn’t understand what “maven” is, is a site?

Derby : No suitable driver found for jdbc:derby:db;create=true

My app is made of a login-server connected with embeddeddriver to the derby, and another server that needs to connect too to the database. Hi experts, I’m using JCreater to run a java program but after the program compiles successfully, I get this error message: I’m trying to learn how to write Database applications, and I’m having trouble connecting to my Database.

Reading the article mentioned derb, what I understood is that all the classes my Setup needs are searched in the classpath linked by the command, but in a tmp folder. In reply to this post by ronchalant Where do I need to add it?

Apache Derby Users – No suitable driver found for jdbc:derby

It must be compatible with the server instance you are running. Cool When the app runs, the JVM uses the class path settings to find any other classes defined in the utility. I was missing DriverManager. I used the create property to create a new Database, and then searched for it using the OS’s Search Program.


I tried setting the derby. This error occurs when the syntax of connection string is uava.sql.sqlexception valid. In reply to this post by Kristian Waagan I don’t know how to add that new Database to the list of databases that are editable directly through NetBeans.

I don’t think the problem it’s there anyway No suitable driver found for jdbc. I solved this by adding library to the library console below suitbale project: Databases are created by default in the directory where the Network Server was started up. Do I have to specify the user APP as default and the password I can’t find out how to set a new pass, the default seems to be empty reading derby tutorials?