Welcome to Our Community While Linux. Share This Page Tweet. People often speak of the glare that occurs with this type of display, but they are wrong. The standard, 4-cell battery will give you around 2 hours of playing time. There are no dedicated audio buttons located on the laptop. Given you say you stopped using it a few years ago, that may not present a problem, and you might choose to blow away Windows as part of the Linux install, and dedicate the entire drive to Linux, or even, ultimately, a number of Linuxes, should you so choose.

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Dell Inspiron m view larger image. The only thing you really have to know is that a Pentium M is much more powerful than a similarly clocked Pentium 4. Jan 4, Messages: Call me mad, call me crazy, as long as you don’t call me late for dinner.

The m has a jaw-dropping My desktop runs a Pentium 4 with Hyper Threading at 3. In trhe bottom left hand corner of the unetbootin window it says ‘Type” I delp something lighter that I would be able to travel with to and from school, or to places such as the library. Its competitors offer similar features for a much steeper price. I found instruction of how to add “loadpae” to command line here: Unlike many other ultraportables, the Inspiron m includes a built-in optical drive.


Anyone here installed Linux on Dell Inspiron 700m?

Either Wiz or myself will be around Dell Inspiron m keyboard and touchpad view larger image. All of these are based on Ubuntu and will usually detect all of your hardware I find it fine, but if you suspect you might find it small, check it out at a Dell kiosque. If you wish to dualboot Linux with Windows, that is one avenue, and we would advise you to have any personal data dlel the Windows backed up, and a recovery solution in place eg recovery diskshould something go pear-shaped and Windows heads south for the winter.

After weighing all the options, I decided to go 700 the Dell Inspiron m. I found a link about these dfll install options: The display remains bright and readable outdoors, too, which is a plus.

The Dell Inspiron m has been on the market since Octoberbut, like the Inspiron m, it has managed to maintain its popularity. The catch is that this battery jets out of the back quite a bit, adds weight around 0. I also installed a GB hard drive.

So perhaps let us know which dwll you want to go. And although the site says “This bug affects people” Dell Inspiron m front side view larger image.

Dell Inspiron m Review (pics, specs)

When you are quite certain that is correct, Your back will thank you when you jsb this machine over a heavier one. Some laptops have mushy keyboards that sink into the machine when you touch them. This was a pretty good deal- there was a graduation promotion that saved me a few hundred dollars.


The bootable USB drive was recognized by my computer, but when I tried running lubuntu without installing it actually, any option I selected from the menuI got an error that PAE was not installed.

Dell Inspiron 700m Review (pics, specs)

Lubuntu is what we call a ” ‘buntu-based” Distro. It was less expensive than its competitors and offered more features and superior performance.

I needed something to replace my old Compaq series laptop. Dell m next to an iPod for size comparison view larger image Screen Dell Inspiron m screen view larger image The m has a jaw-dropping Before buying, I did a lot of research, particularly on the 700j.

Do you know if you have a certain amount of Memory in it? In my opinion, this is the best bang you could get for your buck.