I did invest a little bit of time with it, but being new to this I was looking for someone who could answer my question pretty quickly like the Pro. If I could get four voices over the full range then I can make them work on different midi channels.. Thank you all for the reply. You’ve mentioned wanting to do about five different things here. This means that the files can’t be shared between different platforms.

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Join the HC Newsletter. Lastly, you’ll be more likely to get help on boards such as this if you come armed with specific questions, as well as some evidence that you’ve actually invested some time and effort on your own. Expanding on that, you have two types IIRC.

In theory this should be doable and work, read the sections of the manual closely that pertain to editing functions and setting up zones.

I’ve been using a USB cable to cp30 them. Now for two internal and two external voices, this work around may be possible at least according to how I read and interpret the manual.

Help Newbie – How to Download MIDI files to CP300

Plug a midi cable mici the CP midi out jack to the CP midi in jack. If you’re looking just to “do something with MIDI,” well mostly programs like GarageBand and Cubase are used to create your own songs or arrangements of other people’s songs and then play them back using the sounds in your keyboard s.


Lastly, you should be able to export songs out of the CP in standard MIDI file format, IF it has this capability, but again – you’ll need to read the manual. Since SMF’s can be pretty small you can put a dozen or more files in there but not enough for a gig. Thank you again Pro for midu patient with a newbie, even though I’ve been playing the piano for 27 years.

The other has 16 tracks, and 16 instruments. Along with the General MIDI spec, SMFs were used by tons of software back mido the ‘s to generate music in computer games and other programs, as they could easily be played back on Soundblaster-compatible sound cards. Help FAQs Go to top.

CP Zone Sliders –

Set up a four zone performance with the first two being the two voices you want to use, set up the other two zones with voices that you don’t want and assign their volume settings to zero and with different midi channels than your other two voices.

And yes, manuals can be confusing, but they typically have most or all of the answers if you’re willing to exercise a little patience and invest the necessary time. Login or Sign Up. The manual is pretty rubbish in that area. Glad I answered some of your question.

You may need to install CPspecific software – consult the manual. If I could get four voices over the full range then I can make them work on different midi channels. Set local control off so the CP will not play from it’s dp300 keys.

Midi Settings—basic Operation – Yamaha CP Owner’s Manual [Page 64]

Typically, SMFs can be recognized because they have the. This in theory should give you two internal and two external voices when playing the CP’s own keys though you may be limited to an internal and external voice playing the same notes. Most sequencers, whether those that operate as computer programs or those that operate in keyboards themselves, save files in a proprietary format.


Search New posts Logout Register. I guess I should have kept my post a bit more specific regarding what my keyboard should do or not do. The CP is a superb piano but Yamaha cut it off at the knees in terms of midi file playback capability and they didn’t bother with putting anything about how to load files into the internal memory in the owners manual to save the embarrassment of admitting the sequencer memory is so small.

I use a Mac so I guess the Yamaha software Pro was talking about won’t help me. Type 0, and Type 1. It’s not in the manual. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

I own one, I’ve done it, but the internal sequencer memory is only 1. You can check it out here. In the end, it’ll be much easier just to decide what you want to do.