The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Im having the same issue here on a DL Gen9, 2 days on this now trying various ways to get it to boot. HP will not accept this as existing problem Here is the one working server and the HP software versions: The experiment was trying to passthrough a PCI device to a vm an HP Fibre Optic network card that was included in the purchase, it was a real bargain.

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Bay 9 is not supported for configuration by this version of controller firmware. If that works, then you can try connecting the 42″ panel. Do you already have an account? Now my final exams are over, I had some more time to work on this. Yes, my password is: I guess it doesn’t matter if I get a recent Service Pack or not, and it also doesn’t matter what it’s target host-os is, as I can use the live environment and scripting-tools compatible with the included BIOS to apply the conrep-solution in case a simple BIOS-upgrade doesn’t do the trick.

CONREP is now HPRCU | BITCON IT consultants

It’s there for Windows Server at least. Feel free to pm me if you have any further questions, or are in a similar situation! Contact Email us Tell us what you think. The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


Also, I attached the xml file – Prolant. Haven’t really used the tools under Windows, or WinPE; but see no reason why conrep wouldn’t work from within windows.

Configuration Replication Utility (CONREP)

The question is whether the adapter would convert the image from x to x or whether it would simply crop the image down to x I guess it would also be best to include the updated BIOS and firmware-images on the usb-stick or have it locally available on some kind of storage? Because I am running proxmox 4. I have same radid controller as user first posted and server is: PS, as a new user, I am not allowed to post external links, so here they are just remove the whitespaces: Using an actual kernel on our HP-Server hardware is not supported and we will not consider to help you if you are running into problems.

It is a known problem, and RHEL explaines it here in a whitepaper. If necessary, you can point me to a more suitable forum, where I would happily continue this thread.

Hello Jimmy Thank you healhh your reply. Have a shot at it Hi, In our very large organisation we have a private CA setup for all our internal web-interfaces security policy. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.


Support page for DL G6 is. Contact us about this article. Is there any way I can get a free Service Pack? Pgoliant having a bit of dificulty understanding the use of the conrep utility from the hp scripting toolkit.

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All three of course require I can adapt the conrep-solution to my gen6 proliant, or find another fix to exclude the slot from RMRR. Are you the publisher?

You need to visit the support page and search the downloads for the appropriate OS. You should at least be able to see the post message from the ProLiant when it boots since the lower VESA resolutions are supported by the panel as well. Claim or contact us about this channel. I suppose it would? I am not yet willing to apply the acs-override, as that is a kernel-level-solution, and I conclude not a stable nor secure one.