Here’s a little blurb I put together with a shopping list that include all the details you need to think about. Sadly, many reiews only deal with Audioquality and Features, rarely one does any tests of the ASIO drive if there even is any. Fort Worth, TX Status: I’ve had one of these and got rid of it quickly. So all is well. That doesn’t mean that it works well in those DAWS.

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TASCAM is as cheap as anyone on the lower end, and has the best bang for buck in a couple of categories. My point is, nobody really wants this driver and it is not good. Well, the problems is that the generic ASIO driver decides to load instead of the one you truly wants and wreaks havoc on your computer anytime there is a ASIO conflict. Put in a tech ticket regarding your software license Most of the problem genric from latency, which is how long it takes for sound to come into the computer for recording and then back out so you can hear what you recorded.

I have received some really valuable feedback which Generoc very thankful for.


ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio

Steinberg generic low latency asio driver works much better for me. The solution is to buy from a retailer who lets you return your buy for another, similarly-priced unit which should work – 99 out of a hundred times.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. Why not sell some of all that software and buy a decent interface?

Could this driver be better written, or more stable? BobF Max Output Level: Reaction for changing the grneric fixed Fixed bitdepth-selection for device-interface Some more trace-functionality [] Revised beta with trace options 0.

Wood67 Max Output Level: Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. In the case of RME, you learn how to use totalmix and it’s the same for the babyface and the larger interfaces. AT Max Output Level: And, the slow load times of this driver is genedic sign. Also looking at Presonus now Do you not have ANY audio interface?? The musicstreamer II can be seen on both asio4all and the generic asio driver.

There has been an enormous amount of interest in the drivers. So you got one of the only interfaces that doesn’t have it’s own drivers ART makes one as well. BTW, the reason I want that Steiberg asio interface is that it doesn’t lock audio! ASIO-playback is running smooth.


After some more small enhancements and if no unforseen major issues pop up, the driver will go public as V1. Nevertheless progress in the last couple of days has been promising, so it can be expected that the beta will be available sometime next week.

Right now there has never been more choices for good interfaces. Linton Victoria Near Ballarat Status: Installation now just requires startup of config-dialog in service-control-panel.

Great drivers on any platform including asiio Essentials Only Full Version. So all is well.

I was evaluating daws the last 15 days; I settled on S1, the others are still in the day demo. That’s what you pay for. I bought S1 because of the perfect integration with my bcr, which I need to tweak synths. I will buy RME next upgrade as it is over and over the most talked about in a good way.