I mentioned a littele ways above that my connection through the AirForce was slow in Ubuntu. I was SO sick of having to use my fallback wireless receiver that overheats and drops connection sporadically: But here’s hoping very sceptically that I won’t need one again But until I used the exact driver that came with my card, none of the above worked for me. As soon as I get to the sudo modprobe ndiswrapper part, when I issue the command, I get a message saying killed then, if I dare going on, when i restart the PC the system locks up, therefore rendering me unable to boot ubuntu. I’ve rebooted, tried switching between no security and WPA and it seems to work consistently.

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Rebooted in Kernel 2. I think it’s probably just a note from the lib devs to people like the OP who might want to look bccm43xx it in case the command is removed someday, breaking his workaround. What to do next? One question though, is there a way to confirm what exact Broadcom model is in the new MacBook Pros mid ?

Broadcom Wireless BCM43xx Vista/7 Driver v.

In the end all I had to do was follow your instructions to the letter! But strangely or notif I pull out the card, then put it back in, the lights return, yet still no connection. How can I get my old firmware back?


You might try using the b43 driver instead. Network Devices Supported OS: Assume that I can download all required drivers using my other vista machine and move them to Ubuntu desktop using regular USB flash card.

Broadcom Corporation BCM I’ve been battling a bc,43xx battle with my lap-top trying to get the wireless connection to connect. Broadcom Corporation physical id: Thanks so much for your help!

I still can not get it to work on my dell I got the drivers to load and was able to get some communication to the card the card was able to see the SSID broadcast, recognize whether PKA or no security was on, but never connected possibly by timing out.

Browse the list below to find the driver that meets your needs.

Broadcom BCM43xx Drivers Download

Step 2a worked for me and I’m running AMD 64bit visat the 32 bit buntu 8. Can someone just confirm this please. You might want to check and be sure that you updated eth1 to wlan0 instead of eth0 unless you don’t have a wired connection.

I have no way of conectiong it to the wired network. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. So that must be where I’m wrong.


Broadcom BCM43xx Drivers Download for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista

If I turn roam off the wired connection and put it as a dhcp connection, wire disappears as a choice of connection. Thanks very much for an excellent guide. I followed the steps in the first post and now when I log on to the machine it seems to lock up. Did anything step by step. Wireless radeon hd series gpus for everyday free gaming and hd video. I was just wondering if anyone here had a workaround for that. Many thanks for your quick response.

I followed all steps bcm43xxx, and this is what I got: I see a download for the and the rev 02 on the linked page, but not the rev Now, here are my steps: I tried various suggested downloads, but until I found the disk that came with my card I had no joy. Once I found this one all things changed.

I have the file on the lap-top ready to go though.