Help us improve Answers HQ! That kick is for using Auto hot key Punkbuster will not kick for that, at least in BF4 sad No I went to their website and downloaded pbsetup or something or other. I use AHK also. Also noticed I don’t even need to open the program window to enter games. View More on EA Help. Just started getting this, I don’t even have any macros, or anything new instaled either.

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I have the same problem for a few days now. Message 4 of 61 38, Views. Cobra Cobra 4 years ago 2 Progrqm/driver BF4 for 40 hours, iv got kicked for that around 3 times.

RESTRICTION: Disallowed Program/Driver [] – Answer HQ

See details Show less. I have no unusual programs or drivers running. You’ve played your part in BF4 Now it’s time to be a part of the new fight in Battlefield 1.

I haven’t installed any add’l software in awhile unless you count Avast or portable apps updating disalloeed. Reddit isn’t your personal army.


I found I was being kicked because the audio software on my Asus Rampage Extreme installed something called Sonic Radar. Have had it for at least 2 years since BF3 days. Played about 3 rush matches without any issue. Message 7 of 61 37, Views. I played on Wednesday without any problems, but today I have gotten kicked 4 times after about 10 minutes by PunkBuster, has anyone had this problem before?

I’d be great admin gave precise reason why I was kicked!

In any case, the solutions don’t work, so why don’t we disalloaed to actually solve the problem instead of spitting the party line. For some unknown reason Auto hot key Sulkoy said: Sign In or Register. I’m not running nothing behind, only Google Chrome with battlelog open. Message 10 of 61 35, Views. Despite all the bad press about Punkbuster, this is actually the first game where i have had any trouble with it.

Punkbuster clearly cannot keep up with the realworld. Attempted punk buster hack? Finally started to get about 3 kills during the course of an entire match and then i suddenly get kicked by Punkbuster.


It’s a driver issue. January I think I fixed the problem. Is there any logging I can turn on for more specific analysis telling wtf is up?

It was Comodo Firewall. Speedfan caused this for me a while back. Message 5 of 61 38, Views.

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Does anyone know anything about this? If I don’t press buttons repeatedly as aforementioned I can play many many games without incident!!! Its not big deal.

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View More on EA Help.