I’ve never tried using the computer with a different WiFi router, I’ve only had the computer a couple of weeks. Hello I’m using a netgear wg v1 pci wlan adapter based on atheros AR chip. A much less efficient and elegant process than I had thought. Glad you are offering hardware that is “known”. Out of curiosity are other devices connected to the WiFi base station when this is happening? I downloaded the files you said but when i go into device manager to look for the wireless card, i dont see it, i havent been able to even get it to work once cuz it always freezes upon insertion. Tried 3 kernels, all the same response when giving up:

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Or for persons that are insisting on somthing that does not exist there is a better chance Atheros might Login or register to post comments 15 replies [ Last post ]. A much less efficient and elegant process than I had thought. Each of the kernels were slightly different in dmesg listings and the listings themselves were a little different because of this ra5213 which has dual bands, etc.

Quite a few WiFi bugs on “deauthenticating” also a long link but it should work copy and paste: After applying the V4 driver you referenced in your qr5213, the wireless adapter came to life and connected with Excellent signal strength. Recent donations Lionel Ougier-s I’ve never tried using the computer with a different WiFi router, I’ve only had the computer a couple of weeks.


I tried installing Trisquel 6 using text-based install and the Atheros card was found and tried to connect but failed with a message that there was “no DHCP” or a strange ar2512 of DHCP or something like that.

I removed wicd and reinstalled Network Manager. My NIC also consistently has an “excellent” connection status. I don’t believe that the Atheros hardware is to blame; once you install the right driver, it works great, doesn’t it? Try that, and remove any wireless lan ar522 you might find.

ath5k – WikiDevi

RX AssocResp from f8: I tried the older version first – Same troubles: One more suggestion, even though it may sound competely ridiculous: Would be great to get it right.

That said Atueros not sure this is the problem your having.

A little slow at times but it works. Chris, I did swap out the card. Qualcomm Atheros AR Trying a newer kernel can’t hurt. Thinking about it now, it would be foolish to try to encompass everything old and new into current software. If anything else was connected then DHCP didn’t work for me.

Instead of freezing after a few minutes. It seems to me that atheross software is assuming some sort of blessed handshake has taken place because certain steps have transpired without a problem.


Getting Atheros AR5212 Wireless Cards to Work with Windows XP

Atheros AR5B97 driver not letting me connect to wireless Jun 20, Didn’t make any difference, dmesg had the same deauthentication by local choice reason 3. IRQ not less or equal to.

For some Atheros 5K RF MACs, the madwifi driver loads buts fails to correctly initialize the hardware, leaving it in a state from which ath5k cannot recover.

I’m wondering if it would be worth the bother to try again?

Select Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver

There’s lots I need to qr5213 out in Trisquel yet as I try to set it up for daily use. I hope other folks that are saddled with the functionless Atheros and the drivers that come with them will read your post and get them working.

Faulty hardware is unlikely, but if all else fails, it can’t be ruled out. Maybe it will be faster than the Etekcity USB?