Recording of October My design does not attempt to counter Hoffman’s Iron Law governing box size, efficiency, and extension. Port tube Submitted by DougM on October 1, – 9: The speaker’s rear panel is well appointed: The entire cabinet is coated in your choice of veneers.

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With the Pass Laboratories XA25 When suddenly I find myself listening to recordings but not staring at a pair of dome tweeters, I realize, in their absence, just how much dome tweeters sound like dome tweeters. I would pay extra for that! Note that the accessory pack was not finalized, so our sample was missing a few legacj like fan screws and grommets for 2. Submitted by Bogolu Haranath on September 28, – 7: Its 1″-wide pleated tweeter is an air-motion transformer AMT employing neodymium 45 magnets and a Kapton diaphragm.

Legacy Audio Signature SE Tower Speakers Review –

Apple HomePod smart speaker. Jay-Jay could not stop teasing.

Legacy Audio’s founder and chief engineer, Bill Dudleston, told me that “the goal was to achieve broad dynamic range and legacj power response in a compact practical package of 0. As such, I never made a good connection to my subfloor with the Signature SEs. Bass was pounding, but the bass line remained clean and easy to track. According to Dudleston, “The crossover occurs electrically at Hz with a second-order high-pass network combined with a first-order low-pass network with Zobel phase compensation.


Antec Solo II: The Legacy Lives On

During that week I realized that while the Studio HDs seemed smooth and well integrated through their 2. I thought you hated Kevlar.

Submitted by Anton on September 28, – Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. Is There A Difference? The treble switch dropped output from 3.

I did notice a touch of excess energy in the upper midrange and lower treble but switching the treble trim switch to the down -2dB position quickly fixed this. On the real-time analysis above, the yellow line represents the flat position on the trim switch and the green line the response with the treble trim switch in the down position. Recording of October Dynaudio Special Forty loudspeaker. This gave a lot of what I played, especially 7″ 45rpm singles from the s, extra oomph and an enjoyable presence.

They impressed me immensely; so much so that I seriously considered their replacement, the Focus SE, when upgrading my entire media room sound system a few years ago.


Why in the world would he spend time to design so badly performing speaker? You could easily spend a lot more money and get far less.

Once again, antc Signature SEs captured these huge dynamic changes with ease. Real Sounds And Frequency Composition: While this is a hard disc to anyec, if you are a Peter Gabriel fan I highly recommend picking this one up.

The entire cabinet is coated in your choice of veneers. The green trace represents the response with the bass trim switch down -2dB and the treble switch in the up position. The Studio HD’s upper octaves were so fine that I became addicted to my latest art love-crush, avant-garde violinist Hilary Hahn.

I’ve heard some of the Legacy Loudspeakers Submitted by tonykaz on September 30, – My design does not attempt to counter Hoffman’s Iron Law auvio box size, efficiency, and extension.

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