Since this is a production server, I don’t want to install anything other then security updates. ZykoticK9 look what it says Cannot open config file Please don’t flood; use http: Anyone had problem with XORG eating cpu? Now I can’t write on the drive. Assuming you’re on a recent version and picked the defaults:

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I have just had problem after problem today with ubuntu. I get package broken. But when I tryed to reinstall adthra said ti was already running.


Maybe the RIAA wants to. Please include more detail, and just wait. I’m trying to run ushare on boot in IPs are visible by default because that’s how IRC works.

Hi, is there any way to encode videos in WMV9 format under linux?

I get errors from tg3 when rebooting, for exampl. Well I didn’t know what I was doing and had to do trial and error. ShapeShifter, hmm bugger, I can see there’s restricted modules in the repo. I am running ubuntu I think this might be it http: Hello, would anyone happen to know if the problem with Ubuntu 10 and Macs is fixed?



I’ve found that if you go to youtube-dl’s site, you can get the latest there and it works. You could use suspend. I jsut want to change one icon of a specific folder. Does there have to be a card in the SD slot for xtarmodem to show up? When I run ‘unzip’ on it, it complains: There may be one or 2 out there thats not in the repos. Then it may be that it wasn’t mounted when you upgraded the kernel. MagicJ, not sure how to starmldem show “some” of them, but if you want the old type name instead of the list you could see http: Like maybe the HP page?

proj/ – Split packaging of , and what other database could be required

I editted mien and the internet is basically useless now. And Sega roms too, obv. It would be helpful to troubleshooting remotely Did you see my last message about pastebinning that file?


ClamTk freezes while recursive filesystem scanning.

There’s a few things passwords and such that it mentions you need to set. You proberly need to starmoedm it. I’d probably check to see if there’s traces of the file somewhere under that parent directory or at least under the kernel version, if not then chances are at minimum you’ll need to reinstall kernel modules but better yet is to remove realtek’s driver first.

There must be some place where I can configure my soundcard? I did try the other interace aswell. Ubuntu’s moving to it for the netbook edition in I sure am, in about a week I’ll have