In reply to shjerpe:. Activate transaction management logging by selecting the “Logging” checkbox. Setting this variable to its maximum value can waste resources and is not recommended. It sets the maximum number of record locks that can be held by AcuODBC for all of the files together. To define Vision parameters and trace file options, press the “Vision options.

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Now does anyone have any experiance with this, and if so, what would be the best utility for this?

Hi tom, thanks for your input! A value of “0” or “-1” turns file tracing off.

Possible to export COBOL VISION database to comma delimited .csv? – Stack Overflow

Thanks alot for your input, i have been onto the iri website, and did see netform. This value affects only the files that are maintaining multiple acuobc locks. DSN architecture mismatch between the controller and the application provider: Anonymous 18 June acuodbc However, I do answer to axuodbc the acuodbc.


As far as I know, you need to pay for it.

3.4 Vision Options

Email Acuobdc, but never shown. If your application is 32 bit then you need a 32 bit acuoddbc created in the 32 bit ODBC administrator. May be Micro Focus can help us and we can start to use their products. Anonymous 20 June at I understand you had problem. Sorry the link is not working anymore.

You will now see the linked server in the navigation menu of Management Studio just under the Provider folder. Ugh, I wish i spoke Cobol!! I can’t because the server is owned by a private company.


Marco Del Corno 18 June at I have configured System DSN for both driver version. LogBufferSize is examined before each write to the log file. In reply to shjerpe: John Acuodbc 1 7 Select Linked Servers and right click it.

Edit Sometimes it is more productive to work with rather than fight against a legacy system. You cannot expand catalogue. Both have the same configuration: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Anonymous 20 June at Seems to be a tough task when working with this old legacy junk: Please follow the instructions on the blog. Is there any download link for a trail? I am getting an error: You may store your transaction log file on a remote machine if your system utilizes AcuServer.


The default is “32”.

I quess it is 32 bit. If no directory is specified, temporary files are placed in the current directory.

The command we are using right now is this:.