Page 3 Tests and Diagnostics pressed, the corresponding key on the screen changes to black as shown below. Press down the cover in the position around the key F9 and slide to the left side to make one hook on the back of the cover stuck in the laptop. Mouse pad Test 3. Plus, Bluetooth can transmit at up to 3 megabits per second, which means it can accommodate any data or media requirement. At some point we might go that route but we think our business aviation customers much prefer the flexibility and upgradability of our portable systems. If the FPC is still not functioning properly, replace the system board with a new one following the steps in Chapter 4. Installing the Bluetooth card

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Page 75 Chapter 4. Page 25 1 Hardware Overview Error! Tests and Diagnostics The screen will display as below picture to show the subtest is passed or failed when finished: Finger Troubleshooting 2 Troubleshooting Procedures 2.

Please check the units whether a350–212 the Front Edge Logo: Figure A shows the computer and its system unit configuration.

To remove the main HDD, remove two M2. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Pull the finger printer board up to remove it from the logic upper bluetoth.


Removing motherboard from logic lower assembly Seat a35-212 inverter board in correct position and connect two cables to the two ends of the inverter board.

Shared beacons, that different airlines could associate their own mobile apps to as and when required, would be far more efficient and effective than each airline managing a set of beacons at each airport. Replace it with a new one.

Further, we expect some events with Boeing soon. In the future we might revisit that but given the amount of competition in that market we have no immediate plans to do so. If so, we have a solution for you! First, remove parts from 4. Our ambition is to be the first in the world to deliver inflight communications a350-2212 passengers for the same price in the air as on the ground.

Do not force the module into place, because stress can affect its performance. Page 49 Make sure that the battery cable is firmly connected to a350-2122 system board. Tests and Diagnostics Contents 3.

Toshiba Satellite A350 Maintenance Manual

Who loads the movies, where are they located, and how many minutes of total movies on hard disk of a305-212 Oh, look it up!

Installing The Hdd 6. Visually check the battery’s terminals. Remove the diagnostics diskette and insert the work diskette into the FDD.

While his product has been designed to play movies on iPads and provide storage, a server, Wi-Fi router and charging, is it the ultimate simplicity for biz jet IFE?


The radome and adapter plate have been designed to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate other Ka-band antennas, minimizing bluetoth work required for future HBC systems.

Is there a way to notify the crew of tablet numbers without opening a storage location so the crew can remain knowledgeable about device security? Remove the Keyboard Cover and Keyboard according to the following procedures and Figure 4.

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Seat the FM jack in the correct position on the logic lower assembly. Page 85 If the replacement set does not work, the system board may be damaged.

Page If there is still an error after replacement Thermal Module, go to Procedure 2. The test runs automatically.

TOSHIBA Satellite A – Which Wireless lan driver? – TOSHIBA FORUM

Make sure the card is seated in the correct position. Disassembly can cause malfunctions. Insert the Robson module into the connector on the motherboard.