Have tried adding caps right on tube pins – didn’t help. If you do not see what you want, contact us! Next the front panels have been veneered and are ready for drilling, routing, lacquer, etc. Each additional step is another -3 dB. Paintwork finished and mounting components can begin.

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Now, a lnterstage switch used for an attenuator has to be shorting and turning this one up for the first time made the poor test drivers’ cone pop out of the magnet gap and the voice coil stayed on the pole-piece Email us at jnkaudiodesign gmail.

So, with the capacitor removed and a 1.

Interstage transformer

Tweakings have to be radical to make lnterstage significant change to the overall sound of the system, but a system is no better than the weakest link. Bass performance didn’t appear increased in level from this, but the midrange certainly got rid of some minor smearing of detail.

Interstage transformer is still not as common capacitors but popularity is gaining, and choices are limited to only a few famous manufacturers, not to forget that the price is expensive! Out of three attenuators bought from Intertage Kong, three has been faulty. Product Lists Product Lists Level 0: For 6N6P both triodes are heated, although only one used for amplification. Actually interstage transformers are not something new.


Interstage transformer | interstage transformer, choke coil | tango-trans

When I had this suggestion from “Peter”, I thought he’d made a typo or intetstage. Takes a serious dust-free environment. Highly recommended should you decide to build the line stage.

If you just parallel up capacitors you end up with a new multi-resonant network that includes both capacitors resonances and two new ones. No change in hum. Here is how I would do it: Cloning the TRAM isn’t particularly difficult having the amp and assembly instruction at hand.

Consider using lithium button cells, they have very little added stray capacitance small size and will last many years in this application, the ones for LCD wrist watches.

This is probably the most neutral sounding valve I have tried yet and it made me go trough my music collection again, picking out flutes, piano, violins, etc. My system wasn’t exactly lacking detail and transparency before, but in terms of transient quality and harmonic structure I get a subjectively more true presentation.

I had these comments from Peter Pan: Right channel is silent, so filament supply and HT supply should be OK. This was the last time.


You will find a lot of them being mentioned everywhere. Right out of the boxthese 6N6P tubes serves you another meal compared to It is still not too bad to squeeze all those wires into the interstage transformer.

Some good advice on hum problems can be found here at: Even the TRAM2 features capacitor coupling and no matter how good caps we use, caps are crap and colour sound. Where in this set-up may seem a little hard and bright, has an expansive, dynamic and maybe an overly lush sound. The TRAM has some lay-out drawbacks.

2A3 and 45 single ended amplifier

Interstage trafo, 5k prim. A battery in series with the signal? What’s left is making front panels, led indicators and a relay switch that allows the preamp to be turned on from the main unit.

All transformers from SAC Thailand: One thing I can say: